“Because we live at Cardinal Pointe, we feel much safer now. We have committees we can join to be a part of any aspect of co-op living. We have a say in anything that affects us all. Cardinal Pointe is a caring and happy place to live.” ~Joyce & Wayne J.

Cardinal Pointe has six active standing committees: Finance, Interiors/Furnishings, Marketing, Activities/Socials, Property, and Education/Information. The committees oversee a variety of areas and provide an opportunity for members to participate and to become involved with the “inner workings” of the cooperative. Anyone who has an interest is encouraged to join a committee. Members join committees voluntarily and benefit from the experience of contributing to the future success of Cardinal Pointe.

Standing Committees:

Works with the managing agent to develop an annual budget and tracks adherence to this budget. Makes recommendations to the Board on investment matters.

Interior / Furnishings:
Works to consider general appearance and condition of the furnishings and plan decor of common areas on a continuing basis. Makes recommendations to the Board concerning capital expenditures involving maintenance, improvement and replacement.

Responsible for matters related to marketing of Cardinal Pointe which includes advertising, designing of marketing materials, updating the website and organizing the annual open house.

Activities / Social:
Considers the needs and interests of the members for activities that will enhance personal growth, enjoyment of life and development of community living within Cardinal Pointe.

To consider general conditions of safety and emergency procedures on the premises. In consultation with management shall schedule repairs as needed and report to the Board concerning capital expenditures or policies involving maintenance or improvement.

Education / Information:
Develop programs to meet the interest and needs of the members – including input from members in selecting printed and non-printed educational materials.


Giving building tours
Inspection of units
Office assistance
Planting and watering flowers
New member gift bags
Seasonal decorating
Kitchen helper/server at socials
Library Committee